Copeland Entertainment is an artist-centered boutique booking agency and management company with a dynamic roster ranging from DJs and producers to established originators of hip-hop to up-and-coming rock n’ roll, punk, and pop artists. With twenty years of experience managing renowned hip-hop artists such as Mix Master Mike of the Beastie Boys, Rahzel of the Roots, Dj Muggs of Cypress Hill and many more, Dianne Copeland expanded her leadership to inspire more artists by founding Copeland Entertainment in 2007. A major element of Copeland Entertainment is artist development, focusing exclusively on underrepresented and up-and-coming singers. Dianne Copeland hand picks artists from around the world and offers them a platform upon which to flourish as artist singer/songwriters. Copeland works closely with her artists and helps them clarify their desires, ambitions, and dreams, and places them in front of the right people at the right time, forging spectacular opportunities with industry mainstays. With Copeland’s direction and extensive background in A&R, management, modeling, acting, and creative directing, Copeland Entertainment prioritizes artistic growth and creative strength, assuring that each of her clients are nurtured in the direction they require. An artist herself, Copeland understands the artist’s needs first-hand, making the management experience that much more collaborative and mutually-inspiring.



At Copeland Entertainment our motivating force is to help our clients identify their strengths, weaknesses, fears, and aspirations so that we can provide them with the tools to manifest their greatest ambitions. We are risk-takers. There is no uniform model for how every artist will achieve their dreams, and at Copeland Ent., we understand that. Our management style is to listen, trust, and provide for our artists, offering them a tailored infrastructure and support-network that feels like family. How do we define success? Any way we want to.



Help each other out; together we succeed
The product does not outweigh the process
Love is our motivator
Hard work & professionalism get the job done
Stay true to yourself, don’t let the world tell you what to be
Without risk-taking, there is no growth
Trust the outcome
There is no failure, only more wisdom
Loyalty and respect makes our family great