Described sonically as the British love child of George Michael and Katy Perry, Sazzie’s energetic pop records promise to boost your mood and make you dance. With influences from powerhouse songwriters such as Bonnie McKee and Ryan Tedder, Sazzie’s positive and lighthearted personality shines through relatable lyrics that emphasize love and individuality, whilst maintaining a playful attitude. Visually, she draws inspiration from legends such as David Bowie, Bananarama, Andy Warhol and Blondie.

Raised in a little village called Highclere in Hampshire outside of London on her parents’ 80’s vinyl, Sarah McIntosh’s interest in artists such as Tears For Fears, Prince, and Depeche Mode started at an early age. After years of playing the violin and eventually drums, Sarah discovered her Grandmother’s 1980’s Yamaha keyboard ready to be thrown out from her attic, instantly fell in love with the retro sounds and drum loops and immediately began writing songs with it. While Sarah developed her passion for music and collaborated with her brother, Hamish, throughout their childhood, it wasn’t until later that she decided to pursue music professionally.

In 2011, Sarah and her band, ‘The Good Natured’ (which consisted of Sarah, her brother Hamish and their friend George Hinton), signed with EMI Records, and the trio began touring the world with bands such as Imagine Dragons and Bastille.

Now, Sazzie is branching out as a solo artist with singles and a full album forthcoming. She has been able to maintain her fanbase of 25k+ likes on Facebook and well over 100k plays on platforms such as Soundcloud. Industry insiders are already buzzing about songs like “Get Your Sexy On”, “WTF” and others.